Albany Beauty Academy Handbook

Mission Statement:


The primary goal of Albany Beauty Academy is to develop in our students the highest possible degree of technical and professional competence. We train each of our students in the principles and practices of cosmetology, esthetics, and nail. Albany Beauty Academy is continually trying to provide each of our students with marketable skills and professional attitudes. These attitudes emphasize responsibility and commitment to self, employers, colleagues, clients, and community.

Our objective is to train each student in the technical and social skills necessary to be a successful, competent cosmetologist, esthetician, or nail tech. Instruction takes place through a combination of theory class, practical work, clinic experience, group and individual activities. At the completion of our program, the student is prepared to enter the beauty profession and continue to grow and develop and make a contribution to the profession.


Statement of Non-Discrimination:


Albany Beauty Academy practices NO discrimination on the basis of age, race, sex, color, creed, religion, financial status, nationality, ethnic origin or area of residence in any of its practices and policies on Admissions, Instruction, or Graduation.



Sexual Harassment

The academy regards sexual harassment and sexual discrimination as a severe infraction of policy. Acts of sexual harassment, such as sexual flirtations, propositions, advances, or any other sexually graphic activity or language displayed at school is prohibited. Such acts will result in disciplinary action or dismissal. Complaints of sexual harassment should be directed to your mentor or another member of the staff. All complaints should be submitted in writing at which time appropriate action shall be taken. The academy does not allow or tolerate bullying, harassment, or hazing of any sort. If any student or team member experiences or witnesses anyone being bullied, harassed, or hazed in any way you are required to report the matter to the school’s Director immediately in order for appropriate action to be taken. If a perspective student or current student needs a special accommodation in accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), they should notify the School Director, as soon as possible in order for the school to assist the student with their accommodation.


Application and Admissions Requirement:

Albany Beauty Academy requires that an applicant for cosmetology must:

  1. Be 17 years of age and have documented proof
  2. Have a high school diploma or G.E.D.
  3. Social Security Card and proof of citizenship (green card, birth certificate, or citizenship certificate)
  4. You must be at least 18 years of age and hold a valid Cosmetology License to apply for the Cosmetology Instructor Program.



Cost of Educational Programs at Albany Beauty Academy:


1500 Hours Cosmetology Program        



Registration fee: $50.00 (non-refundable)
Books/Kits: $550.00
Tuition fee: $10,000.00 (can be paid by installment)
Total: 10,600.00
Financing available for those who qualify.


750 Hours Cosmetology Instructor Program


Registration fee: $50.00 (non-refundable)
Books/Smock: $250.00
Tuition fee: $2,500 (can be paid by installment)
Total: $2800.00
Financing available for those who qualify.





School Schedule

School Application and Enrollment papers must be turned in a minimum of one week prior to class start date

Open Monday – Saturday.

Hours: 9 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.

           5:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m.

Closed on Sundays

The School operates on a continuous basis throughout the year


General Rules and Regulations


The following rules and regulations must be observed and obeyed in order for our school to operate in a professional and efficient manner:


  1. All paperwork must be signed in black ink. This is a requirement of the State Board of Cosmetology and there is a fine of $100 for using any other color. Students are to post and initial their hour sheets daily.
  2. Tuition is due every Friday day classes on Monday Night classes or by the 5th of each month. Please make your tuition payments on time. A late charge of $10 a day will be assessed if payment is not received in the school office during normal business hours.9am – 4pm.
  3. It is your responsibility to request and keep up with your financial payments
  4. Each student must have his/her own proper and sufficient equipment. No borrowing is allowed.
  5. Any person found stealing will be dismissed from school immediately.
  6. Kits are subject to inspection at any time. Non-professional equipment will be removed.
  7. It is the responsibility of the student to keep their equipment and workstations clean, sanitized, and/or sterilized. The school furnishes most necessary supplies to keep areas clean.
  8. It is illegal to perform services in unapproved location and illegal to receive pay for services in these locations. The Georgia State Board of Cosmetology imposes a fine and /or revocation of your license if caught.
  9. Students are not allowed to clock or sign anyone in or out other than themselves. Students violating this policy may be subject to immediate dismissal from school.
  10. Students are not permitted in the Administration Office or the Instructors Office without permission. Students are permitted behind the reception desk and dispensary areas only while assigned to work these stations.
  11. Gossip, dirty jokes, profane language, and dissension are not permitted.
  12. Lab and sanitation duties must be done daily and approved by an instructor. Failure to complete assignments may result in a four (4) hour deduction from total hours received for that day. For example, if a student accumulates eight (8) clock hours in a day, failure to complete assignments may result in a 4-credit loss, reducing their total hours for that day to four (4).
  13. Smoking, eating, drinking, or chewing gum will not be permitted on the clinic floor.
  14. No intoxicating substances will be allowed on the premises. Anyone found to be on behavioral or mind altering substances will be dismissed immediately.
  15. Poor attitudes, moods, illnesses, etc., are to be left at the door when you arrive for school.
  16. No solicitation is not permitted in the school, or on the school grounds.
  17. Students are not to discuss their hours obtained, time schedules, or rates of tuition with each other, or with customers.
  18. All assigned work, tests, and /or chapter outlines must be completed before being considered for graduation.
  19. Students must work diligently and with enthusiasm in all aspects of instruction.
  20. Any student refusing to service a customer, or less than anxious to perform the service will be subject to strong disciplinary action. Refusal may constitute dismissal from the school.
  21. Students should not have discussions with each other while servicing a client.
  22. Students are not permitted to do their own hair. Fellow students need these hours too!
  23. Student agrees that the school reserves the right to modify, amend or supplement the catalog or any other notices furnished to the student. Student agrees to comply with the rules and regulations of the school.
  24. No selling of anything inside or around the facility to anyone unless it is a school function.
  25. No bribery, gifts, letters, or any other material/ items should not be given to staff for credit, hours, or grades.
  26. No dating or special relationships with staff will not be tolerated.

Failure to comply with the school rules and regulations may result in termination by the school.







License and Ownership:


Licensed by:                         Georgia State board of Cosmetology and Barber

237 Coliseum Drive

Macon Ga 31217

478 – 207- 2440



Owned by:                            Albany Beauty Academy, LLC.

Takenya Jordan

2231 Dawson Rd Suites I and J

Albany, Ga 31707

Albany Beauty Academy Staff:


The School Director:


The School Director is in complete charge of the school, the staff, and your training. If any problems are related to your theory classes or your practical training, you should see your Instructor. All other problems and requests are taken to the School Director. You may request an appointment at any time.


            The Instructors:


The Instructional Staff are professional individuals carefully selected for their ability to convey information, knowledge of the craft, and professionalism to each student. They are trained in a certain method and follow lesson plans. It is important to realize that you are the most important Instructor in your education. The staff will teach and train you, but you must concentrate on developing physical dexterity and the development of the ability to see balance and form. This skill is developed through constant study, practice, observation of class demonstrations, repetition and critiquing of skills, etc. Physical dexterity is a skill that cannot be taught. It is achieved only through continuous practice. Only you can help yourself achieve this by being in daily attendance, observing school regulations, continual practice and observation, following daily assignments, and developing good study/work habits.

The staff is here to help you achieve your goals.


Things to remember:

  1. If you have any questions, do not be afraid to ask.
  2. If you need help, let your Instructor or the School Director know – that is why we’re here.
  3. We’re always open to suggestions and constructive criticism.
  4. We must all work hard to maintain the school’s objectives. There is time for fun and your training should be an enjoyable experience. We know we will enjoy you as a student and hope that the feeling is mutual.




School Calendar:


Classes start every other month. The school also maybe closed during a student’s enrollment for unexpected reasons. In the event of inclement weather, school may be canceled. Albany Beauty Academy will “mirror” the high schools in the city/town they are located. If the high school is closed, Albany Beauty Academy will also be closed. The School Director will provide all students with this information.



















Albany Beauty Academy Vacation Schedule



Dates and Holidays 2015 – 2016
Date Range                       Holiday                         Date Range                                        Holiday
September 7, 2015           Labor Day                           January 18, 2016                                 MLK Day
October 12, 2015         Columbus Day                       February 15, 2016                         President’s Day
Nov 23 – 28, 2015         Thanksgiving                       April 4 – 9, 2016                               Spring Break
December 21, 2015 –
January 2, 2016             Winter Break                       May 30, 2016                                 Memorial Day
July 4 – July 9, 2016     Summer Break
Dates and Holidays 2016 – 2017
Date Range                   Holiday                             Date Range                                           Holiday
September 5, 2016         Labor Day                        January 16, 2017                               MLK Day
October 10, 2016           Columbus Day                     February 20, 2017                       President’s Day
Nov 21 – 26, 2016         Thanksgiving                       April 3 – 8, 2017                      Spring Break
December 26, 2016 –
January 7, 2017               Winter Break                       May 29, 2017                             Memorial Day
July 3 – July 8, 2017       Summer Break
Dates and Holidays 2017 – 2018
Date Range                Holiday                               Date Range                                     Holiday
September 4, 2017         Labor Day                             January 15, 2018                           MLK Day
October 9, 2017             Columbus Day                       February 19, 2018                     President’s Day
Nov 20 – 25, 2017         Thanksgiving                         April 2 – 7, 2018                       Spring Break
December 25, 2017 –
January 6, 2018             Winter Break                        May 26, 2018                             Memorial Day
July 2 – July 7, 2018       Summer Break




Student Academic Advisement:


All students will have the opportunity to be advised in academic progress and career goals. Students receive a written evaluation at the end of each month of study. The staff is willing to help with any of your educational or professional concerns whenever they can. The school may also provide professional and personal referrals as needed. A portion of the curriculum is spent on employment opportunities including writing of resumes, job interviewing and overall salon/spa management.


Facilities – Equipment – Textbooks:


The Academy is housed in spacious, up-dated facility that includes a large clinic, practical work areas, and classroom. A student locker is available to all students they are responsible for their own locks.

Each school contains modern functional equipment: work stations, hydraulic chairs, dryers, shampoo chairs and sinks, esthetics beds, skin care stations, pedicure chairs and break area.

Student kits need to contain all the necessary implements and equipment to perform daily assignments and work on clients. Students must maintain their equipment and replace broken or damaged articles in order to practice their work properly.

The cost of the kits, application fee, and tuition payments are outlined with the Admissions Representative prior to enrollment. There is no charge for materials used on hair, skin, or for assigned activities.

Textbooks are also issued on the first day of class. The texts and accompanying workbooks are an important part of daily class work and practical work. Assignments and homework are given regularly.

Issued textbooks and kits must be in each student’s possession each day.



Graduation Requirements:


At the time of successful completion of the program, the student graduates and is awarded a diploma if the student:

  1. Completes and passes all written and practical exams with an overall passing average. Review questions, work book, tests, practical and exit exams. Complete the state required training hours: 1500 Cosmetology 525 Nail Instructor program 750
  2. b.   Fulfills minimum grade requirements of 70% – Attendance of 66.7%
  3. Complete all clock hours and credit hours for each program. No one will graduate unless all requirements from the State Board of Cosmetology and Barbers and Albany Beauty Academy are passed and completed
  1. Meets all financial obligations to the school. Professionalism:In training to be a professional cosmetologist, esthetician, nail technician, or instructor you must be a caring, open-minded individual. You must use your training and knowledge to satisfy the needs and wants of every client. You must be able to put your ego and problems aside, in order to be a contributing member of the team. You must be an excellent communicator. This requires the ability to listen and observe, to consult with and suggest ideas, services, and products to colleagues, instructors, management, and clients. Student Standards of Conduct and Character   Violation of health, safety, cosmetology board rules, or OSHA regulations, or anyGROSS NEGLECTVANDALISM OR THEFTSCHOOL PROPERTY, RECORDS, OR INFORMATIONFALSIFICATION OF RECORDSDISCOURTESY TO CLIENTSFIGHTING OR THREATSINSUBORDINATIONGAMBLING  2.    Service all clients to the best of your ability. Treat every person in your environment as the special person they are.4.    Teamwork and cooperation with colleagues, instructors, and staff makes all goals easier to attain. Help colleagues and instructors when possible. An atmosphere of teamwork is easily noticed and appreciated.6.    Support the efforts of all colleagues and instructors.8.    Personal or school problems will not take place in classrooms, or in front of the client. Students will follow grievance procedures.10.  No gum chewing on the clinic floor.  School Standards and Requirements:A. Breaks & Lunches:Your Instructors schedule breaks & lunches. Students are responsible for returning to classes on time or the late policy will be applied. One Hour Lunch Break                         Group B 12:30- 1:30(more than 250 hours B.       Phone Calls:No personal calls on the school business phones without express permission from the School Director. Cell phones and all other electronic devices must be turned off during school hours and can only be used in the break/lunch area or outside the building during your break or lunch.
  3. Students who return more than 15 minutes late from lunch or break may be sent home for the day. 4 hours will be taken away from student
  4. Group C 12:00-1:00 (less than 250 hours)
  5. Group A 11:30 – 12:30 (more than 250 hours)
  6. Food and Drinks are only permitted in the school’s designated break/lunch area. Food and Drinks are not permitted anywhere else in the school.
  10. 11.  Profanity will not be tolerated. Slang expressions should be eliminated in communication with peers, instructors, clients or management.
  11. 9.    Smile – Often.
  12. 7.    Personal conversations with other students/instructors while in the classroom and on the service floor are not permitted. Full attention and focus regarding your education and the service{s} you are performing on clientele must be maintained at all times.
  13. 5.    Gossip has no place in a professional environment.
  14. 3.    Consult with each client/instructor prior to their service. This establishes good communications and avoids service errors.
  15. 1.    Listen
  16. Guidelines to Professionalism:
  17. No gambling for any stakes during work hours or on school property.
  18. Disrespectful language, actions, or refusal to follow direction from staff personnel.
  19. Verbal or physical threats or acts of violence against any persons in school.
  20. Discourtesies to clients, such as verbal-abuse, physical harassments or neglect in service, or any other direct violation or prescribed customer-handling policies.
  21. The willful falsification of employment, client or school records, such as receipts, compensation records, or inventory reports.
  22. Stealing, destruction, misuse, or unauthorized access to restricted property, information, or records.
  23. Purposely destroying or removing school, student, or client property from the premises.
  24. Gross neglect or carelessness, which results in destruction of a clients, co-workers, or school’s property.
  25. activity that may indirectly create hazardous conditions.
  29. All students are required to conduct themselves in a professional manner. High standards of integrity and character are expected. A student will be asked to leave if their conduct is unbecoming or in discord with any rules of the school. Students must treat each other, the staff and customers with respect. A friendly atmosphere makes for more pleasant surroundings, therefore, rudeness, gossip and trouble making will not be tolerated.
  30. Professionalism can be seen and felt in a school, salon, spa, or any technical business. It is a balanced combination of choice of words, tone of voice, physical actions, education, technical training, determination, honesty, good judgment, decision making, cleanliness, sharp appearance and talent.
  • Smoking:Smoking is permitted on lunch and breaks outside the building.                                      D. Cheating:Students caught cheating or taking test away from the school will be subject to  termination from the program. E.  Alcohol and Drugs:The use of alcohol or drugs (unless prescribed by a physician) is strictly prohibited. Alcoholic beverages in a public building are illegal. The use of drugs, possession of such, or of any drug paraphernalia, is also illegal. The use of alcohol or drugs in any form on school premises, on school grounds, or at any school related activity would result in immediate expulsion. Students who need professional help can find referrals for counseling in the School Director’s office.     F. Make-up Exams:      Make-up days for missed examinations will be scheduled at the discretion of the Instructor. Make-up exams are a privilege – not a right! Students should be in attendance on examination days. 10 points will be taken off per day missed on test             G.  Appearance, Dress Code, Uniforms:Proper attire in the school is compulsory. Appearance should be neat, clean, well groomed with clothing properly fastened and pressed. No soiled, torn or inappropriate dress for a professional environment will be permitted. Cross-dressing is not allowed. Males will dress as males and females as females. Baseball caps/other headgears are not permitted. No sleeveless, backless, or low-cut tops can be worn, no shorts or mini skirts/dresses.Violations of the above-described dress code will result in the student being sent home to correct his/her attire.At no time during the day (unless designated by the curriculum) are students allowed to work on themselves. Hair, nails, and make-up are to be done before arriving at school. A professional appearance in these areas is essential to the overall image of today’s cosmetologist, esthetician, or barber. Lab coats are required dress in the school.            H.   School Dress code:                   SOLID Black Scrubs only no prints. No exceptions!!!                   No tight or firm fitting pants                  White short or long sleeves shirt can be worn under scrub top                   Black Shoes Must be worn. Shoes must be closed toe. Sandals, boots,                    Hats and scarves are not permitted.The Faculty or Administrative Staff will have the final decision on any questionable dress code or appearance violations       Cleaning duties should be done to eliminate down time and before the end of each   Office:2. Empty wastebasket daily.Bathrooms:2. Mop floors.4. Keep sinks and toilets clean daily6. Clean walls and light fixtures as needed.8. Refill soap.1. Sweep floor daily.3. Empty trash cans and put in new trash liners.5. Clean tabletops (dispose of any leftover cans and dishes).7. Wipe down tops of trash cans.1. All paper work should be organized.3. Work surfaces free from beverage cups, boxes, stains, dust and dirt.Seating Area:2. Magazines and style books in an orderly fashion.4. Seating kept in good repair.1. Wet sanitizer cleaned and filled with fresh solution as needed.3. Clean the whole chair daily.5. Clean and sanitize equipment according to state law.7. Refill styling aids as needed.9. Keep clean container clean and empty out contains before you leaveSupply Room or Dispensary:2. Vacuum floor daily.4. Perm trays and rods cleaned and stored after each use. All Other Areas:1. Sweep clinic floor thoroughly, empty trashcans and wipe down trashcans.3. Wipe down tops of trashcans.5. Sweep or vacuum classrooms, empty trashcans, wipe down tables, desks, and chairs.7. Clean chairs and manicure tables.    Students who are physically unable to service a client cannot be in attendance or receive hours.N.  Client Services:Students are never to leave a client unattended – it could be dangerous to the client and is unprofessional. Let instructor know if need to do so.O. Weapons in School:Weapons of any type are strictly forbidden in school. Students caught with a weapon in school will be sent home immediately, the weapons will be turned over to the local police department, and a decision will be made as to whether the student will be allowed to return to school.Violation of the above rules and standards may result in disciplinary action up to and including termination from school.Re-admittance to the school will be at the School Director’s discretion.    Q. Attendance and AbsenteeismThe student should be aware that absenteeism for more than 14 consecutive days without contacting the school can result in the student being terminated from the program. Time is calculated on the quarter hour.All students should be in their class location 5 minutes prior to starting class. At this time the student should be completely prepared for class – all materials needed in hand, hair and make-up done, and completely dressed for the school day. Students are required to call in if not attending school for the day. When calling in, you must speak with a School Official not a student.      


  1. In order to be placed on Leave of Absence, the student must:
  2. A.        Cosmetology Students may request 2 Leaves of Absence during their course of study.
  3. Leaves of Absence can be granted in cases of emergency or medical problems, which cause attendance to be impossible or impractical. A student who is granted a Leave of Absence by the school, is not considered to have withdrawn from the school. A Leave of Absence will not affect the student’s maximum time frame for completion however it will affect their scheduled graduation date.
  4. R. Leave of Absence:
  6. The contracted date of graduation may be changed throughout your program because of unexpected school closures. Make-up hours may not reverse your revised graduation date. 5% of your contract time for scheduled hours is allowed for absenteeism and/or tardiness. Once a student has used all time allotted for absenteeism, they will be required to purchase additional training hours, at the current hourly tuition rate. Payment arrangements must be made with the School Director at that time.
  8. The school will allow 3 un-excused lates per month. If you are going to be late, a courtesy phone call is required. Please call and give your message to a School OfficialNot a student. Over 5 un-excused lates per month will result in a suspension. Students who return more than 15 minutes late from lunch or break may be sent home for the day.
  9. P.  Tardiness:
  10. A student’s termination from one school applies to all campuses.
  11. The school reserves the right to terminate any student whose personal conduct – towards school staff or fellow students – is deemed unsatisfactory.
  15. No student is to do another student’s hair, nails, etc. without first getting permission from their Instructor. Order of priorities would be theory, practical, and clinical assignments for the day. Once completed, an Instructor may give you permission. If a client comes in while you are having your own service done and there is no one else available, you must service the client. Any student refusing to service a client will be immediately sent home and receive no hours from the time of dismissal.
  16. M. Student Services:
  17. Students are responsible for the proper up-keep of the clients’ chemical service files and for all supplies. Towels must be clean and ready for use both day and night.
  18. L.  Dispensary and Supply Room:
  20. 6. Wipe down water cooler.
  21. 4. Sweep bathrooms and empty trashcans.
  22. 2. Clean shampoo bowls, wipe down back bar, empty trashcans behind bowls.
  23. All other areas not mentioned such as school fixtures, pictures or plants will be cleaned daily or as needed.
  25. 5. Cleaning supplies stocked in an orderly fashion.
  26. 3. Mixing supplies, bottles, bowls, rods and other materials cleaned after each use and stored in appropriate area.
  27. 1. All beauty supplies stocked orderly.
  28. 10. Take all belongs home
  29. 8. Maintain working equipment and tools.
  30. 6. Clean surrounding floor area.
  31. 4. Clean mirror daily.
  32. 2. Clean working surfaces daily.
  33. Student Stations:
  34. 3. Students are not allowed to lounge in this area.
  35. 1. Seating area should be kept orderly and free of debris.
  36. 4. The whole desk should be cleaned daily and kept in good repair.
  37. 2. School business cards displayed.
  38. Reception Desk:
  39. 6. Vacuum floor (pre-clean any spills).
  40. 4. Keep area clean at all times (clean up after yourself).
  41. 2. Remove empty boxes, containers or leftover food.
  42. Break Room:
  43. 7. Restock paper towels and toilet paper as needed.
  44. 5. Clean mirrors
  45. 3. Empty trash cans and put in new trash liners.
  46. 1. Sweep floor daily.
  47. 3. Mop floor.
  48. 1. Sweep floor daily.
  49. shift.
  50. A duty roster will be made monthly for all classroom/clinic duties. This will be done on a rotating basis for fairness to all students. Your duties are an assignment as part of your training. Instructors will check all duties at the end of the day.
  51. K.  Duties:
  52. Only family and friends that are receiving services are to be inside of Albany Beauty Academy. They must remain in the waiting area. They are not to walk throughout the building.
  53.              J. Family & Friends
  54. The school is not responsible for missing items or belongings. Please do not leave personal belongings unattended. Any items found are to be turned into the instructor’s office. Students may contact an instructor to quire about and claim lost property.
  55. You are required to work as neatly as possible. After each work assignment, you are expected to clean and tidy up. Your personal belongings should to be stored in your locker or your vehicle. Kits are to be neatly placed underneath your workstation. When not in use, kits should be closed and put away.
  56. I. Personal Belongings and Kits:
  58.                    Flip flops are not permitted. Shoes must be clean and presentable.
  59.                    Black and white Lab Coats can be worn
  60.                    Scrubs must be ironed and wrinkled free
  61.                    Pants must be worn at the waist no sagging
  63. Personal hygiene and sanitation are the daily responsibility of each student. We are in close proximity to many people daily. It is imperative that each student be keenly aware of personal breath and body odor. We strongly suggest showering/bathing before coming to school, the frequent use of mouthwash, deodorant and body sprays during the day.
  64. Excessive (more than two) facial-pierced jewelry or excessive, “cartoonish” make-up will not be worn while in school. “Theme” contact lenses, other than normal colored, will not be allowed.
  74.                          Smokers should dispose of their cigarette butts in designated containers.
  1. Complete the school’s Leave of Absence Request
  2. Be approved by the School Director.D.        Leaves must be a minimum of 14 days and a maximum of 90 days.                               Albany Beauty Academy has emergency evacuation plans posted throughout the school building. Each student will be made familiar with his /her evacuation route, depending on the student’s work area.Instructors are responsible for making sure all students and clients are accounted for. Lead instructor is in charge of calling proper authorities.TORNADO: In case of a tornado, students and clients will be alerted. Building occupants will proceed away from windows, doors and glass. Individuals are to gather in the classroom, hallway or bathrooms. Staff will canvas school area to make sure all students and clients are in proper area.ROBBERY: Safety comes first. In case of robbery, staff and students will cooperate with the offenders. When an opportunity arises proper authorities will be called.PROBLEM STUDENT OR CLIENT: If a problem situation arises with a student or a client, the instructor would first be called to resolve the problem. If the problem cannot be resolved at that point, the Lead Instructor will be consulted. If the problem is still unresolved, the School Director will be consulted. If a person is out control, the School Director has the option of calling local law enforcement to have the person-removed from the school premises.Albany Beauty Academy cameras will be used and checked in any eventSafety & Health ConsiderationsMake-up, cosmetic applications, and brow shaping are performed while the client is seated and the cosmetology professional is in a standing position.On a daily basis, students and cosmetology professionals handle and store hazardous chemical solutions and products, which could burn the skin and scalp, damage hair, or produce dangerous fumes if not properly used, mixed, and stored. If a student is, or becomes pregnant at the time of enrollment, or while attending training the school will require a written release from a student’s physician before a student is allowed to begin or continue their cosmetology training. (This policy is intended to protect both the student and student’s unborn child.)The products, chemicals, and solutions routinely used by students and cosmetology professionals MAY cause allergic reactions. Students are instructed to follow all manufacturers’ instructions to wear disposable gloves, and to protect their clothing by wearing their lab coats during ALL chemical operations. Should any type of allergic reaction occur, a student is required to immediately notify a staff member.In order to work in the Cosmetology Profession, all students and cosmetology professionals must have the use of their feet and legs. In the future work environment, a cosmetology professional is expected to stand for long hours, while performing services. In order to protect from any type of “career –ending” injury or permanent damage to feet and legs, students are advised to wear closed-toed shoes with socks, with non-skid soles, that have a reasonable heal height. Students and cosmetology professionals work on concrete or linoleum floors, and on a daily basis they liftSkin and Clothing:Physical ContactElectrical Appliances:Inventory CORRECTIVE ACTION CONSEQUENCES1. Verbal Warning. Verbal warnings are first time offenders of minor infractions.2. Written Warning. A corrective action form accompanies written warnings.3. Probation. Probation is given after the second written warning. Probation last for thirty days. In this time the student must implement corrective action, if the infraction occurs while on probation, the student is put on suspension.5. Termination. Termination is the result of three warnings that have resulted in probation or suspension. Serious offenses such as stealing shall result in immediate termination.CORRECTIVE ACTION REGARDING UNSATISFACTORY PROGRESS1st time Suspension for 3 days3rd time Suspension for 2 weeksCORRECTIVE ACTION REPORT FORM CORRECTIVE ACTION REPORTMentor: ___________________________________________________________Reason for Session: (Circle One)b. Non-compliance with standards of conduct.d. Frequent absencef. Unsatisfactory personal appearance (violation of dress code)h. Unsatisfactory customer service evaluation or violation of customer handling system.j. Unexcused absence of training session or school meetingl. Insubordinationn. Academic Progress – Grade average below 75%1) Probationp. Other: __________________________________________Action Taken: (Circle One)b. Written warningd. Suspension for ____________ period of time.Describe plan of action to be take in solving the problem: (Include time limit and consequences of continued problem.)I acknowledge receiving this notice and understand that future violation can result in further disciplinary action including termination.____________________________________________________________ _________________________________________ ____________________    Grievance Steps1.    Speak directly to the person(s) involved to resolve the issue.3.    Speak to the School Director who will render a written and/or oral decision within 3 school days.Job Placement:Within the educational program, students will be trained in writing resumes and preparing for job interviews. Every possible effort will be made by the school to expose students to professionals in the field. Our aim is to make students aware of the many professional opportunities available to them. The following career opportunities exist:1.   Hair Stylist                                   8. School Counselors3.   Barber Shop Manager                  10. Advanced Training Educators5.   School Instructors                                    12. Skin Care Specialists7.   School Owners                                       14. Dermatologist Assistant Student Access to Records:Each student has the right to view any items in their files and may do so by request. This request will be granted within a reasonable amount of time to accommodate the office’s schedule. At no time may a student remove any items/articles from their file. The School Director is the official custodian of the records. All records will be maintained for a period of 3 years from the date of graduation or termination from the school.In all cases where access to student education information is requested, except as provided in this policy, a written request to see the files must be made by the student. The School Director, upon receipt of this request, will provide access to review the records at a date and time no more than 3 working days after the request has been made. The student or anyone the student duly authorizes shall examine the file in the presence of the School Director and/or other person(s) designated by her/him. The record itself may not be taken from the school premises. However, upon request, one copy of the records shall be provided within a reasonable time at no charge. Additional copies may be obtained at the cost of $1.00 per page.Only the School Director or his/her designee will be allowed to release information.The school will disclose personal, identifiable information from the records of a student without written consent of the student to the following parties:b.   Schools to which a student is transferring.d.   Appropriate parties in connection with financial aid.g.   Individuals who have obtained court orders or subpoenas, or in case of health and/or safety emergencies. 
  3. Refund Policy:
  4. e.   Organizations doing authorized studies or reports for the school.
  5. c.   Annual Reporting to Accrediting Agencies, DOED, etc.
  6. a.   School employees who have a “need to know”.
  7. Documentation of any correspondence will be placed in the student’s file.
  8. If a request from an outside agency for information regarding a student is received, the school will not release any information without the student’s express permission. The request must be made in writing, clearly stating the agency requesting the information, and include the student’s signature.
  9. The School Director may request other school personnel to assist in answering any questions that students may have regarding interpretation of the records.
  13. 6.   School Directors                          13. Make-up Artists
  14. 4.   Salon Owner                                11. Salon Division Managers
  15. 2.   Salon Coordinator                                    9. Sales Representatives
  16. Although the school cannot guarantee placement, reasonable efforts will be made to assist students in securing suitable employment. This assistance is available to any student, regardless of how long ago the student graduated.
  18.                           A decision will be rendered within 15 days.
  19. 2.    Speak to the Instructor who will render an oral decision within 3 school days.
  21. Students who have a problem or grievance related to the operation of the Albany Beauty Academy should use the following procedure to resolve the problem or grievance. Follow the steps in order to reach a solution that is satisfactory to all person(s)/parties involved. Only use the next step if it is apparent that the issue cannot be resolved on that step. Do not take steps out of sequence, as you will be referred to go back to the steps in sequence.
  22. Student Grievance Procedure:
  25. Staff Signature                                                                   Date
  26. Student Signature                                                               Date
  27. Follow-up Date: _____________________________
  28. e. Expulsion
  29. c. Probation for _____________ period of time
  30. a. Verbal warning
  31. Detail description of reason for corrective action: (Describe previous violations or warnings, if any.)
  32. 2) Over 1- ¼ times actual time necessary to complete program=unsatisfactory progress.
  33. o. Attendance Progress:
  34. m. Theft
  35. k. Unsatisfactory performance review evaluation or violation of performance standards and expectations
  36. i. Frequent non-compliance of assigned cleaning duties and/or policy
  37. g. Unsatisfactory technical skill evaluation
  38. e. Frequent tardiness
  39. c. Unexcused absence
  40. a. Non-compliance with policy and procedure manual.
  41. Date of Session: ____________________________________________________
  42. Student: __________________________________________________________
  44. A sample of a Corrective Action Report is attached.
  45. 4th time Suspension for 1 month
  46. 2nd time Suspension for 5 days
  47. If a student is in unsatisfactory progress for four consecutive weeks, the following will apply:
  48. 4. Suspension. Suspension is the last resort. This time is designated for the student to either seek outside help for continuing problem or to allow enough time for the student to contemplate and change recurring behavior.
  49. The student will be made aware of the infraction and ways to correct deficiency will be discussed and implemented.
  50. Two verbal warnings warrant a written warning.
  53. Inventory shall be stocked in an orderly fashion either in the school dispensary or at the reception desk. A count of school inventory, both retail and beauty supplies will be conducted regularly. The misuse of product through waste or stealing shall provoke disciplinary measures. Students are allowed to purchase products through the reception desk at a discount. Beauty supplies are not allowed to be purchased without management/instructor consent.
  54. Electrical appliances such as blow dryers and curling irons are used near sink and water areas. These appliances must be properly cared for and maintained so that an electrical shock is not produced. Students are not allowed to use any appliance with a frayed or “taped” cord. All electrical appliances must be plugged into grounded outlets. Electrical cords cannot be stretched across aisle.
  55. Students and cosmetology professionals maintain close body contact with clients. During the performance of a service skin and hair cells pass from the client to the student. A student MAY encounter a parasite or a contagious disease. A student may be exposed to human blood, or other bodily fluids. Students are instructed to wear disposable gloves and their lab coats with the public, and to follow all safety procedures to ensure that a disease or parasite cannot infect the student or additional persons.
  56. Students and cosmetology professionals handle products and chemical disinfectants that can burn skin, enter the body, and damage clothing. To protect, prevent, and minimize the damage that can be caused by chemical spills, splashes, and to promote general cleanliness, students are required to wear protective smocks and to protect clients with protective aprons.
  57. volume containers of shampoos and other products off shelves. In order to support the feet and legs, and protect them from falls, slipping, or other injuries students must wear appropriate footwear.
  58. Your Feet and Legs:
  59. Allergic Reactions:
  60. Hazardous Chemicals:
  61. A hair stylist, nail tech, or esthetician must possess hand-to-eye coordination and leg mobility in order to move about while performing services. Clients are shampooed by their stylist at the shampoo bowl, then moved and seated in an adjustable hydraulic styling chair. The stylist moves around the client as the service is performed. Persons unable to stand for long periods of time, or having limited mobility would have difficulty using regular shampoo bowls and hydraulic chairs. Manicuring and the application of artificial nails do not require standing or mobility. Clients are seated for the entire manicure or artificial nail application. The Esthetician program does not require a great deal of physical mobility, however; hand and finger strength is required for the massage portion of a facial skin service. Facial clients generally recline on an adjustable facial chair with the skin technologist seated at the client’s head.
  64. RAPE: If a rape situation should occur, the proper authorities will be called immediately. Any needed medical assistance will be obtained. The victim will be encouraged to seek proper counseling concerning the incident.
  65. HOSTAGE SITUATION: Remain calm. Cooperate with offenders.
  66. FIRE: Fire drills are held on a regular basis. In case of a fire on the premises on in the school building, staff will make sure all students and clients are out and away from the building staff will the precede to nearest exit. Lead instructor is in charge of calling 911.
  67. BOMB THREAT: In case of bomb threat, the school building will be evacuated immediately.
  68. Emergency Procedures & Evacuation
  69. There will be no additional charges for a Leave of Absence. If the student fails to return or contact the School Director on the documented return date, the student will be considered to have withdrawn from school as of that date. Exceptions to this policy due to extenuating circumstances may be approved by the School Director.
  70. Students may not arbitrarily decide to “take” a leave of absence
  71. E.         There must be at least a period of 30 days between leaves.
  72. C.         Must be in Satisfactory Progress.
  1. If a student (or in case of a student under the state’s legal age, his/her parent or guardian) cancels enrollment and demands his/her money back in writing within/or after three business days of the signing of an Enrollment Agreement, regardless of whether or not the student actually started training, all money collected shall be refunded with the exception of the Application Fee. The cancellation date will be determined by the postmark on the written notification or the date said information is delivered to the School Director or Owner in person.
  2. An Applicant rejected by the school shall be entitled to a refund of all monies paid.
  3. For Students who enroll and begin classes, the following schedule of tuition refund is authorized:
  1. Kit and books will be retained by the student for health and sanitation reasons. Kit charge will be retained by the School.
  2. A Termination/Withdrawal Fee of $100.00 will be charged.
  1. Enrollment time is defined as the time elapsed between the actual starting date and the date of the student’s last day of physical attendance in the school. Formal termination shall occur no more than 14 days from the last date of physical attendance. For students who do not return from a Leave of Absence, the termination date will be the earlier of the documented date of return or the date that the student notified the institution that he/she would not be returning.
  1. All money due the applicant or student shall be refunded within 45 days after cancellation or termination.
  2. In case of an illness or disabling accident, death in the immediate family, or circumstances beyond the control of the student, the school will make a settlement, which is both fair and reasonable.
  3. If the school is permanently closed and no longer offering instruction after the student has enrolled, the student shall be entitled to pro-rata refund of tuition.
  4. If a course is canceled subsequent to a student’s enrollment, the school has the option to provide a full refund of all monies paid or reschedule the course.
  5. Each student is required to complete the total number of hours in the maximum time allotted. Absenteeism allowed for each student is 5% of contract hours. After the contract period has expired, an extra fee per hour based on the current tuition rate will be charged to the student. These charges must be paid in full before graduation or issuance of diploma. Emergency situations of absenteeism will be discussed and reviewed with the School Director. After 14 consecutive days of absence without formal notification from the student, the School will have cause to terminate the student.
  6. A Leave of Absence may be requested, in writing, by the student. Refer to the School Catalog for further information. Student Re-entrance Policy:The academy recognizes that a student may have to drop out of the program due to circumstances beyond his/her control. 1. If the student re-enters the program within 6 months of their last date of attendance, they would enter at the exact same point he/she dropped out at without loss of hours and no additional cost would be incurred upon re-entrance.. 3. If the student re-enters the program within 1 year to 2 years of their last date of attendance they would re-enter with half the number of hours dropped out at and would purchase the number of hours required to graduate at the current tuition rate..    Course Objective: To develop in our students the highest possible degree of professional, social, and technical competence. Through our structured curriculum, the school supplies the principles and practices of cosmetology, nails and instructors from basic techniques to more advanced, continually focusing on skills that will make the student more marketable upon graduation. Master Cosmetologist Curriculum
  8. Master Cosmetologist Course
  10. The cosmetology curriculum is set up for 1500 hours of instruction. The Nail Technology curriculum is set up for 600 and Cosmetology Instructor is set up for 750 hours of instruction. All of them take place through a combination of theory classes, practical mannequin work, and actual hands on clientele practice.
  11. Cosmetology, Nail Technology & Cosmetology Instructor Curriculum
  13. 4. If the student re-enters the program after 2 years of their last date of attendance they would need to enroll for the entire program as a new student.
  14.             2. If the student re-enters the program within 6 months to 1 year of their last date of attendance, they would re-enter with the same number of hours dropped out at and would purchase the number of hours required to graduate at the current tuition rate..
Course # Course Name Required Hours
                                 Junior Level (1 – 450 Hours)
COS 110                          Introduction to the Beauty Industry                                                     75
COS 120                         Theory of Hair Cutting & Dressing                                                     75
COS 130                        Safety & Chemistry                                                                           125
COS 140                         Theory of Coloring Hair                                                                     25
COS 150                          Advanced Theory for Master Cosmetology                                     100
COS 160                             Laboratory Techniques                                                                     50
                               Senior Level (451 – 1500 Hours)
COS 300                           Hair Cutting & Shaping                                                                   130
COS 310                           Scalp & Hair Treatment                                                                    50
COS 320                           Basic Nail Techniques                                                                     90
COS 330                           Basic Facial & Skin Techniques                                                     90
COS 400                           Senior Level II Theory & Practical Applications                           540
COS 500                           Senior Clinical Practice                                                                   150
                                                                                Total Hours Required 1500


Cosmetology Instructor Course

Cosmetology Instructor Curriculum

Course # Course Name Required Hours

                                           Quarter 1 (1 – 375 Hours)
COS 510                         Theory of General Education I                                 125
COS 520                           Theory of General Education II                               125
COS 530                           Teaching Techniques & A/V Aids I                           125
                                           Quarter 2 (376 – 750 Hours)
COS 540                           Teaching Techniques & A/V Aids II                       100
COS 600                           Practice of Teaching I                                                 90
COS 610                           Practice of Teaching I                                               185
                                                                                    Total Hours Required 750


Graduates in this industry have gone on to work as instructors in a cosmetology school, provide continuing education classes, work as a school owner, a salon owner, industry representatives, etc.

(Please note that no job can ever be guaranteed).


           Sample Daily Class Schedule

9:00 a.m. – 10:00 a.m.               Theory

10:00 a.m. – 10:15 a.m.               Break

10:15 a.m. – 11:15 a.m.            Clinical/Practical Coordination

11:15 a.m. – 11:30 p.m.           Break

11:30 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.               Clinical/ Practical Coordination

11:30 a.m. – 12:30 p.m.       Lunch Group A (student is on the practical floor)

12:00 pm   –  1:00 p.m.       Lunch Group B (student is not assigned to practical floor

12:30 p.m. –   1:30 p.m.       Lunch Group C (student is on the practical floor)

1:00   p.m. –   2:00 p.m.       Clinical/Practical Coordination

2:00 pm –   2:15 pm                   Break

2:15 pm –   3:30 pm                    Clinical/Practical Coordination

3:30 pm –   4: 00 pm                      Cleanup/ School closes

Practical Coordination may involve practical instruction with the same Instructor as you have in theory. It may include mannequin work, demonstrations, visual aids, live models, etc. All Practical Coordination is done in conjunction with theory classes.


Grading System


Each student is graded on his/her knowledge of the textbook, classroom theory, and practical/clinic work throughout the program. Written quizzes are given throughout lessons and written exams are given at the end of each chapter of study and each Phase completion along with a final course exam. Practical and clinical tasks are evaluated using 4 Phases of Assessment that allow the student to see their progress on each task assignment. State License preparation consists of administration of 2 Mock State Board Licensing examinations covering State Regulations, and Principles and Practices of Cosmetology. There are also 2 practical, hands-on exams given at this time. An overall grade of 75% is required for graduation. All students who successfully complete graduation requirements are issued a Diploma. Albany Beauty Academy does not guarantee Georgia State Board Cosmetology Licensure.


The following is a guideline for Instructors to follow when calculating/determining the grade.


                    Grading Scale:


A (Excellent)…………. 90% – 100%

B             (Above Average)……80% – 89%

C (Satisfactory)………….. 70% – 79%

D (Unsatisfactory)………..60% – 69%

F (Failing)………………….. Below 59%


Written Exams:


The total number of questions divides the number of correct answers to determine the grade.


Practical and Clinic Work:


The following is an outline sample of the four-step assessment used when grading practical and clinic work:


  1. Connect & Establish rapport and build credibility Student comes to class with necessary classroom and clinic supplies, displays professional attitude, participates, and greets clinic customer.
  2. Consult & Arrange plan for moving ahead Student consults with instructor and/or client to prepare for practical assignments or client services.
  3. Create & Achieve the desired results Student summarizes service decisions by explaining to the instructor implements, products, and step by step procedures they will use.
  4. Complete & Provide a positive finish: Student asks questions to make sure client is satisfied, recommends proper products and care for service, completes all record cards and sanitation.                   I realize that the school policies may change from time to time and will accept new policy as being as equally important as the initial policies of the school.  ____________________________________________________________Student Printed Name  
  5. Student Signature                                                      Date
  6. ____________________________________________________________
  11. The Student Handbook is an extension or addendum to the student contract and it is under these conditions I will begin my enrollment at Albany Beauty Academy. I agree that at any time I have difficulties understanding or implementing policies I will ask for clarification from management personnel. I have access to my handbook at
  12. I have received a copy of the Albany Beauty Academy Student Handbook, which outlines client handling procedures, student policies and standards of conduct. I will comply and commit myself to memorizing and implementing these guidelines in my daily activities while enrolled at Albany Beauty Academy.

Cosmetology School